Ben Notkamp - director Logistics

Here at Aeronamic, we always think beyond our products. We know that achieving customer satisfaction is more than just delivering the best aircraft components. It’s about flexibility, adequate stock levels, service, custom-made packaging, and fast delivery. My job as director of logistics is to manage and optimize these processes, to ensure that we always deliver our components to the highest possible standards of delivery performance.

Our customers completely rely on logistics. That makes sense of course and Aeronamic always wants to achieve total reliability. We make tremendous efforts when handling our logistics processes and packaging. After all, we only have one chance to get it right, delivering your order undamaged and on time! Whether your order was placed with Aeronamic in the Netherlands or in Romania, you can always expect the best service.

Stock levels

Flexibility is crucial with top notch logistics. As soon as customers need something, we respond. This means we process customers’ purchase orders (via customer portals) through our internal Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) system, which enables us to quickly respond to customers’ needs. We are also responsible for keeping a minimum stock of components stored at our customers’ location (Vendor Managed Inventory).

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

When it comes to MRO activities, speed is of the essence. As a customer, you need to have components repaired and returned to you within the contractual lead-time of 10 days. Because of our flexibility and stock levels, we can always meet these requirements. We begin planning service activities from the moment we receive a customer’s pre-announcement. Once a component arrives at our facility, we can clean, inspect, service, repair and test it, all in just a couple of days. Of course, this is done in close consultation with our production team and the customer. Customers can always view real-time information about their component via our customer portal, which means they always know exactly what its status is.


You might not believe this, but we design specific packaging for each individual part, product and component. It always starts with the design. Every product or part is unique, which means the same goes for the packaging. We determine the specifications and then produce it, together with our partner supplier. It’s a significant investment, but the big win is that our products reach their destination on time, well-protected and undamaged.

Vertical integration

I actually feel very proud when talking about our logistics; proud of everything our team can accomplish – and proud of everything we’re optimizing and planning to do in the future. Our focus on vertical integration strongly reflects this, meaning we keep pushing limits and are continuously raising the bar. When it comes to delivery, our reliability is very high, and we aim to further improve and stabilize this in the coming years. To reach even higher levels, we need to keep focusing on our supply chain and production processes. And, in the future, we will need to be even more close-knit with our customers. But – as we’re sure you’ve noticed – every single day, we get a step closer!

When was the last time you were worried about logistics? And what did you do to ensure that it didn’t happen again?