Push Limits

Aeronamic is responsible for high-speed rotating components and precision parts, which are used in both defense and commercial aviation. We are a leading Tier 2 company in the aerospace industry, able to be of service to important system integrators. We believe system integrators can achieve more by doing less; by simplifying their supply chain. That’s why we develop, produce, assemble, test, and service. From scroll compressors to air turbine starters. If it’s about tech and speed, we are the ones who can push limits.

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Corporate HQ Offices

Aeronamic B.V.

Planthofsweg 79
7601 PJ Almelo
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)546 545 570


Aeronamic Eastern Europe

Str. Monaco, FN
550018 Sibiu
Tel: +40 372 779 791


Aeronamic Services

Kooiweg 40
4631 SZ Hoogerheide
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)546 545 570

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