The unseen heroes of speed and continuity

Piet van Boxtel & Roy Kroese - Technical Service

System integrators trust Aeronamic to be their dedicated Tier 2 partner. In a way, you could say we are their technical service, always assuring them of continuity. By truly becoming an extended part of their business, we help them move forward with our high-speed rotating components and precision parts. This process is always based on knowledge and expertise. The same goes for us as Aeronamic’s technical service – we help ensure Aeronamic’s guarantee of throughput times and on-time delivery, and thus ensuring speed and continuity.

We met each other at our previous job and got the chance to continue working together here at Aeronamic. Very handy if you ask us, because with a job like ours, it’s important to have the same mindset. We were recently joined by co-worker Matthijs Krop. He was an assembly mechanic here at Aeronamic, but we helped him make the switch to becoming part of our technical service through an internal training program. The three of us are responsible for technical services at Aeronamic: from door handles to production-line machines; from fixing toilet lights to machine testing. We identify every issue and minimize any unscheduled machine downtime by solving most of the problems ourselves. If we can’t, we make sure it gets done asap by a qualified third party. We are also there for Aeronamic’s regular, scheduled maintenance. Long story short: the three of us are here to make sure that the wheels keep on turning.

Not what you might expect

We’re also proactive and don’t just sit and wait for problems to occur. That’s why our main focus is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Our general monthly checks of production-line machines ensure that most technical hiccups can be prevented. As each and every machine is equally important to the production process, our technical checks are crucial. And don’t forget checks on hall temperature, lighting and air condition units. All these factors have an impact on both the material properties of metal and our colleagues’ working conditions, and therefore on the precision of our work.

Risk management

Proper risk management is the main reason we strive to be on top of everything that goes on at our facility. Being vertically integrated means that we as Aeronamic always push limits when it comes to production. Aeronamic covers all activities, from development to MRO. We cannot afford ourselves to just sit back and relax at any point in that process. As we are all about high performance, we always try to prevent machines from malfunctioning and processes of being delayed. All of our people work closely together with the machines, so the quality of their performance is partially in our hands. Fortunately, our colleagues always know when and where to find us. We have a ‘famous’ saying in our workplace: “We work miracles right away, but magic is only performed on special request.” We strive to give our colleagues the best working conditions so that they can perform at the top of their game and be of excellent service to our customers. It demands trust and a detailed understanding of what we can bring to the table as technical service.

A crucial role

Aeronamic has a crucial role in the complete chain of system integrators. This is similar to our role as technical service in the complete chain of Aeronamic. We carry the responsibility of creating assurance for the organization as a whole. Even when you don’t see us, we are there – trying to make a difference and always in accordance with guidelines and established regulations. That does not mean our management denies us freedom of operation. They put their faith in us and trust us to always handle things in a proper manner.  It’s the same trust Aeronamic needs from system integrators. It’s how you – miraculously – can push limits.

Who are your unseen heroes of speed and continuity?