Reintroducing Aeronamic: we are on a mission

Steffen de Vries - - CEO

Throughout the years Aeronamic has become a solid player and a proven partner in the aerospace industry. While many of you know what we bring to the table, there are also a lot of industry colleagues that still have to discover this. I feel that it’s time for us to move forward. Especially now as we can witness major consolidations in aviation. Aeronamic plays a pivotal role in all of this.

Nowadays people around the world make massive use of aircraft. Every 15 years, passengers air miles are doubling. This comes as no surprise: the result is an enormous growth in our production and supply chain. Our company has grown rapidly but steadily and we are able to respond to these markets’ new demands. Unlike smaller companies, who haven’t been able to make that shift.


We had the advantage of starting big by being part of former mother company URENCO, who invented the world’s first ultra-centrifuge for uranium enrichment. That historic step, over 30 years ago, set the bar for all of our achievements. We’ve been a frontrunner multiple times when it comes to innovation. Take our vertical integration for instance in both facilities in the Netherlands and Romania. However… in order to keep pushing on, we feel we also needed to make a leap in a different area: in how we present ourselves. Especially because we have got something to say!

Achieve more by doing less

You may call it our philosophy: achieve more by doing less. I see this as our mission. What we stand for as a Tier 2 company. And what we want to convey to Tier 1 companies. Creating awareness is important, so they know they can simplify their supply chain by buying from Aeronamic ‘up the Bill of Material’. The complex supply chains we see still date from the last century and resulted in enormous fragmentation. Now is the time to make a change!

Let go

To be frank: our industry still hasn’t figured out how to make things easier and be more effective. Also when it comes to reducing costs. Being the best is not about doing everything yourself! The key element in all is that decision makers on Tier 1 level need to let go. Steer away from controlling and managing everything themselves. And yes, that’s scary! Tier 1’s can manage their supply chain more easily and grow if they partner up with Tier 2 companies. I believe that Aeronamic can deliver components to the Tier 1’s standards so they can use them directly in their integrated systems. But without all the hassle, thus saving time. Also don’t forget: we even push down their total costs.

What’s next?

You could say we are on a mission. To get our philosophy across to the whole industry. Of course this won’t happen overnight. Yet I do feel the urge to make ourselves heard, as loudly and clearly as possible. That’s also why we will take the stage more often. Online, but also during events and in close contact with you. If we believe we have an answer that could make our industry as a whole better, stronger, and more durable, then we owe it to everyone not to keep that answer for ourselves. When you give it some thought, you’ll find we’re on the brink of a new age. All we need is for each of us to focus on our own strengths… and push limits. Get the most out of what we have, together. Don’t you agree?