Rolf Groothuis - Strategic Supply Chain Manager

Your Tier 1 company and our Tier 2 company have a common interest. We both want to manage supply chains, and keep up with their growing complexity and global reach. We also both want to get the most out of supply chains. In the end, it’s all about building partnerships with reliable suppliers who think three steps ahead.

We believe many Tier 1 companies have unlocked potential, and there are many ways to unlock it. You need to ‘buy’ time, and save yourself the effort that comes with managing your supply chain. There’s a better way to simplify your supply chain and minimize your risks. It’s about changing your mindset. On what do you want to spend your energy? That’s why we say: ‘achieve more by doing less’.

The basics

The quality of materials and parts is simply a license to operate. Your business works the same way any other business does: buy at a good price, and you’ve already taken a big leap toward making profit. But just getting the right price isn’t enough. Knowledge of supplier financials, track records and intellectual property is crucial as well. However, the total outcome depends on where and especially when you buy. In other words, this goes beyond cost. It’s about performance: about getting results quickly.

Where it gets tough

The supply network is pretty complex, and each party brings a certain technical knowhow to the table. They understand what it’s all about. You may need to switch suppliers, but doing so demands a great deal of technical background and insight. It’s especially tough to keep a handle on the big picture: buying, pre-financing and getting the most out of your relationships with suppliers. Do note: you’re not dealing with one single supplier, but dozens of them. Try keeping that manageable!

Minimize your risks

What if you could buy one completely assembled and tested component instead of one hundred parts? Maintain one relationship instead of dozens? What if you would have a ‘one-stop shop’ to rely on? It’s what we call ‘Buy up the BOM’, buy one part number at Aeronamic instead of hundreds that need to be managed. We have built a tremendous network and reliable contacts to take on that role. We’re well aware of what it takes – we’ve been doing this since 1988. Relying on a ‘one-stop shop’ would also mean a much more positive TCO result. In the end, it’s all about your mindset. Where do you see opportunities? And which of those opportunities can minimize your risks? We believe Aeronamic is the safe choice in every scenario.

What supply chain management challenges or risks are you dealing with?