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Paul Rusch - Business Development Manager

There’s a lot going on in the field of sustainability. You can see it in every aspect of the market. Everyone is keen to take steps towards more electric aircraft, including Aeronamic. With our Mission Zero program and unique ultra-lightweight e-compressors, we can serve both existing players and newly emerging markets such as Advanced Air Mobility. And maybe even beyond that. Our colleague Paul Rusch, Business Development Manager, explains how Aeronamic is making a genuine contribution to aviation becoming more sustainable.

“The market is currently working on developing a range of new technologies to enable the transition to more sustainable commercial aviation in existing as well as new market segments. These include improvements in the field of operations and infrastructure, increased use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and innovative aircraft technology. Backed by national and European funding, development programs aimed at reducing CO2 emissions are underway. It will see the introduction of more energy-efficient aircraft systems and new forms of electric and hydrogen-based propulsion. The electrification of aircraft is key, especially in the emerging new aviation ecosystem of Advanced Air Mobility. At Aeronamic we have developed a range of  innovative products that align seamlessly with these market developments. Built around our innovative high-speed centrifugal compressor technology, our e-compressors have a wide range of applications that will play a vital role in meeting our customers’ CO2 emissions reduction targets. In my role as Business Development Manager, I get to work with the great team that has developed this technology over the past years. Since joining Aeronamic at the end of 2022, I have been working closely together and supporting the team in growing the business and creating valuable solutions for our customers.”

How our high speed e-compressors fit in

“Our e-compressor technology is the ideal basis for air and thermal management solutions to enable sustainability in aviation. Its main advantages? It’s small and ultra-lightweight. And as we know, every gram counts, especially in Advanced Air Mobility. The applications of the fully electrically driven e-compressors are broad. They can be used for cooling operations, such as cooling cabins and battery systems, for example. But they can also be used for compressing air, which is perfect for cabin pressurization and fuel cell applications. We see a very strong interest in our technology, from both new and established players in the market. Besides customizing, we are now looking into the extent to which we can standardize some of our e-compressor products so that they can serve a large group quickly and cost-efficiently.”

What’s next?

“As an industry, we are working towards one important goal: net zero emissions by 2050. Although this may still seem far away, in terms of aerospace, this is a lot closer than it sounds. We live in an exciting time, characterized by an ever increasing awareness about environmental sustainability and the need to rethink how we design, build and operate aircraft and its systems. At Aeronamic we ‘push limits’ as we do our part in achieving net zero in aviation. How? By further optimizing our e-compressor technology – working closely together with our partners and in line with our customers’ requirements.

As Business Development Manager, I’m involved in many talks with (potential) customers, as well as handling concrete requests for the e-compressor. These requests are not only coming from within aviation. There’s also a lot of interest from industry, for example for optimizing industrial processes and in the maritime sector. Here you can see similar developments in the field of sustainability and electrification, where the e-compressor is central to many applications, such as heat pumps and cooling systems. This is a very interesting development that we will be further exploring. The technology is ready. Are you ready to join our Mission Zero?”

Would you like to discuss Aeronamic’s solutions for sustainable aviation with Paul? Come and meet him at the Paris Air Show which takes place from 19 to 25 June.

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