Next step in the collaboration between LCW and Aeronamic

Logistic Center Woensdrecht (LCW) and Aeronamic solidified their partnership yesterday by signing two very valuable contracts. Because of this signing, the LCW and Aeronamic are now, more than ever before, able to jointly develop new knowledge in the field of repairs.

Logistic Center Woensdrecht (LCW) and Aeronamic have been working together for quite some time to enable maintenance of the Power Thermal Management System (start-up, cooling and energy supply system) for the F-35 at the Woensdrecht Royal Netherlands Air Force base. Aeronamic has been selected to service the PTMS of the entire EMEA F-35 fleet. In addition to the realization of a physical location of Aeronamic on LCW in building 13, a contract was signed today which states that Aeronamic can make joint use of LCW backshops for PTMS maintenance. This is a win-win situation: LCW capabilities will be optimally used, mutual knowledge will be shared and the F-35 maintenance ecosystem in Woensdrecht will be further strengthened. In the future, it will be examined whether or not other components, for which Aeronamic has been selected, can be maintained in collaboration with LCW. Aeronamic is expected to start servicing the PTMS in the first quarter of 2021.

Innovation is an important element to maintain the Air Force’s weapon systems in the future. One of the technologies that the LCW wants to have access to, is the 3D printing of metals (a.k.a. additive manufacturing). This offers an additional or replacement option to repair components. As Aeronamic has been working on this technology for quite some time now, the LCW decided to collaborate with Aeronamic to include additive manufacturing in the LCW toolbox. They will jointly develop new knowledge in the field of repairs and certify the repair method so that it can be applied in military aviation. This collaboration has also been formalized today with the signing of a contract. On the 14th of January, a combined project team will officially kick-off this new collaboration.