Last December, we achieved a breakthrough in the NEDEFA project with a series of successful tests on a test-rig that we designed. With this project, Aeronamic is developing new technologies for aircraft environmental control systems, together with TU Delft and partners.


In our test-rig, we ran our oil-less centrifugal compressor using our electronic control unit—both developed in-house—in refrigerant medium R134a at 150,000 RPM. Our innovative compressor is fully self-sustaining, providing its own cooling for the electric motor and gas-foil bearings.

Cooling and heating

The test-rig is a so-called Vapor Compression Cycle (VCC). A VCC can be used for refrigeration for cabin air conditioning and avionics temperature control. On the other hand, our VCC can also function as a heat pump, which can be used where heating solutions are required. We currently continue to develop this innovative technology with our dedicated team of engineers at Aeronamic in Almelo, along with our partners. Our joint study continues to grow, leading to new tools and results that will enhance the optimization of such innovative solutions.