Being the best is not about doing everything yourself. It’s about choosing what you dedicate your time and energy to. That’s why we state: achieve more by doing less. Realize your true maximum potential.

At Aeronamic, we choose to dedicate ourselves to high-speed rotating components and precision parts you need. Developing, producing, assembling, testing and servicing them thoroughly, according to all standards. Saving you both time and money.

Your challenges are our playing field. We had the advantage of starting big, being part of former mother company URENCO, which invented the world’s first ultra-centrifuge for uranium enrichment. That historic step set the bar for all of our achievements. We kept pushing on in order to reach higher ground. Now it’s your turn to take off, powered by our success.


As a Tier 2 company, we are active in advanced air mobility, defense and commercial aviation. We can help you simplify your supply chain by pushing limits and delivering the best aircraft components and services. Take Aeronamic’s Scroll Compressor System, APU Load Compressor and MRO of F-35 components. Each product and service plays a pivotal role in avionics cooling, environmental control, power generation, thermal management and main engine start. Aeronamic supplies airworthy components to system integrators for all three industries.