Develop a production line for pump bearings

Develop a production line for pump bearings
HBO, WO Almelo - Netherlands Graduation

Thesis – study: Mechanical Engineering

Aeronamic is awarded a new contract to produce pump bearings. These parts are 35+ different part family parts, each with other dimensions and features and difference in demand (annual demand between 10 to 900 each).

Besides machining, the production process contains measuring, painting and surface enhancement (i.e. cleaning). We are investing heavily in new equipment for these production processes.

The assignment is to develop a production line for pump bearings, whereby the new production equipment is connected to a highly productive new Center of Excellence. The focus is on the technical side, not on the quality of the production processes itself.

Key words: Develop automation concept. Material carriers/transport between stations. Highly automated. Lean concepts. Logistic flows with smart buffers. (Visual) management of Part family parts.