Robbert van Emmerik- Director Machining

Push Limits

After finishing my mechanical engineering study at the University of Twente, I started working and learning the manufacturing processes in the automotive industry. After a few years I had the opportunity to start working for Aeronamic which greatly appealed to me as I was interested in aviation from an early age on. In the position as lead engineer for manufacturing I optimized the production processes and prepared the start-up of new products in multi-disciplinary teams.

Since the beginning of 2018, I’m the Director Machining at Aeronamic. At the machining department products are manufactured by turning, 5-axis milling, balancing, overspeed testing and shot-peening. These parts are assembled in-house and shipped to our customers.

What drives me to work for Aeronamic is the high-tech aerospace environment, the energetic workforce and the cutting edge processes. What grabs my interest is our leading edge technology and the people involved in this technology. I am challenged to understand how human behavior affects the manufacturing process and how I can positively influence this to improve quality and the employee’s satisfaction. For example by ensuring that employees are well educated and that they have the resources necessary for producing high quality products.

Aeronamic is a company of the future with a huge diversity of products, processes, people and talents of which I am proud to be a part of!